Getting Married? Already Married? ...Advice from Women to Women

After quite a long time, I'm back!  And I'm VERY excited about this new post I have to share with you.  It required some research and help from family and friends.

So, I have (what seems like) a thousand friends and family members who will be engaged soon, are already engaged or who just got married.  And I am one of those people!  This being said, I felt led to write a post specifically to those women who are looking forward to a new marriage relationship.

This post has marriage advice from women young and younger!  ; )  ...advice from women married 2 months to 27 years!  Now, I will be the first to admit that I am NOT the best wife that ever lived.  That is why I sought out the advice of other, much more wise women than I.  If I were to be completely honest with all of you, I'd tell you that I sometimes actually feel like I'm a terrible wife who's mortified of failing the only man crazy enough to actually marry her.  But no matter how much marriage advice you receive, you will feel this same way too, at times.   Well, here's your advice anyway...

"Pray for each other every day." 
 ~Debbie, married 25 years

"Don't ever use the words 'never' and 'always' in an argument or in anger.  It questions your spouse's character instead of their actions." 
 ~Mariah, married 1 year

"Communicate - communicate - communicate.  He can't read your mind any better than you can read his."  
~Vicki, married 24 years.

"Our relationship is a picture of Christ and the church.  Never stop pursuing the one you love.  It is a daily challenge.  Go the extra mile to show your spouse that you love them.  Set time aside just to spend with your spouse.  Read the Bible and pray together every day."
~Tess, married 1 year

"We were never made to change our spouses, but just to love them."
~Jodi, married 21 years

"Always remember the true heart of your spouse, especially in arguments.  They do not usually have mean intent; we just hear through pink hearing aids."
~Bekah, married 6 months

"Show the same grace God has shown you, to your husband.  It is something I am working on and will probably continue working on the rest of my life."
~Amanda, married 1 year

"Don't be quick to speak.  Listen to them."
~Tina, married 15 years

"There is never enough marriage counseling or preparing you can do before you get married.  If you are one of the super organized people and want to have it all figured out before you say, "I Do," you're in for a rude awakening.  The joy of marriage is learning something new about your spouse every day and going through life's challenges together.  If you had it all "figured out" before, marriage would be boring.  Enjoy the adventure!"
~Sarah, married 2 years

And even though I've only been married for 2 months, I'd like to share some advice with you.  Like I said earlier, I am FAR from perfect when it comes to being a good wife, but I have learned so much.  And my advice comes from real experiences.
On a plane, flight attendants will tell you that if something happens, you need to put on your own air mask FIRST.  Then you can help others put on their air masks.  They say this because if you don't put your air mask on first, you run the risk of passing out before you even have the chance to help others.  That's my advice to you.  Make sure you put your own air mask on first, so you AND your spouse aren't harmed in the end.  Your Bible and prayer time with God are your air mask.  You need to spend time DAILY reading God's word and praying for your spouse, your marriage and yourself.  Doing so will help you be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry.  This, in turn, will help during struggles with your spouse.  You will be more centered on how God would have you act than on your own selfish desires.  And crazily enough, praying for your spouse will actually make you love, appreciate and respect him more!
I hope you enjoyed reading.  Please feel free to comment and add your own advice!


  1. Great advice for all of us no matter how long we've been married. Love the pic of you and Benjamin too.


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