Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY for My Classroom

Well, apparently I am becoming more and more of a Do-It-Yourself person.  I completing projects knowing I did them myself...and usually for a lot cheaper than I could have bought the items.  My filing cabinets on the previous post were a HUGE accomplishment. This time around, I have made chevron valances and my own teacher resource binders!

Here are my resource binders.  These will be so handy for organizing important documents this year!  Making these binders cost $0.00!  I already had the binders and the easy reference tabs.

I also included easy-reference tabs on each of these.

My final (I hope) DIY project is my chevron valances.  I LOVE these!  They go so well in my classroom.  I bought the fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby.  It took 3.25 yards and I was able to make 4 valances (I only need three for my classroom).  Then I purchased fabric glue and curtain rods.  The total amount for this project was right around $25.00!  I'm going to call that pretty good for 4 valances.  I looked online and to buy chevron valances costs about $20 a piece!  That would total $80 for what I only paid $25 for!  Yay for saving money!

To make these, I cut the fabric the size I want it.  Then I started on the narrow ends, using the pattern, and pinned down what I called a hem.  I ironed over the pins to get a nice crisp fold.  Then i sparingly used my handy fabric glue and glued the hem down.  I did this to three sides on each valance.  The final hem had to be wide enough for the curtain rods to fit through.  Once again, I used the fabric pattern as my measurement.  This ensure a straight edge (just in case I cut crooked).  Here are pictures of the final product all hung up!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tour of My Husker Classroom!!!

Well, another school year is about to being.  I'M SO EXCITED!!!  I will definitely miss having so much time on my hands, but I tend to get bored when I don't work.  So, I was able to spend the summer thinking of new ideas for my classroom and for teaching!  I already feel like this year has been 200% easier compared to last year.  It's so nice to have a year under my belt!  I wanted to share my classroom ideas with you through this blog!  I tried to go with Huskers, red, white, and black theme.  I also love the Chevron pattern, so I included a bunch of it throughout my room!  I LOVE things to match, so I love my new theme!

This is my classroom library and reading corner area.  I really wanted to make it a place where my students would feel comfortable and enjoy reading.

LEFT: My students have a new A.R. Goal each month, so that's what the bulletin board is for.  And these are all the books I have that students can choose from!

RIGHT: This is the actual reading corner.  I have a carpet laid down and lots of fun pillows.  The thing hanging above there is a light.  It just makes reading a little more fun!

LEFT: My small part of the reading corner!

            BELOW:  ...just another filing cabinet



LEFT: My supplies area: rulers, clocks, flash cards, pencils, highlighters, glue, scissors, colored pencils, crayons....everything you might need for a typical day of 5th grade...

RIGHT: An awesome HUSKER banner that I love!

LEFT:  My Hall Passes!  I love these hall passes!  Sometimes it can be so hard to keep track of all my students, but this will help.  I have this set up at the back of my room so I can always see which passes are missing.  I'm excited to use these!

RIGHT:  I will use this as a "Writer's Workshop" area.  The black and white signs are labeled with the steps of the writing process.  The red posters are proofreading marks.  Students will leave their writing piece under the correct label for the stage of writing they are in.  Did that make sense?

LEFT:  Front of the room!

RIGHT:  This area includes my objectives board, a reading board (the blank one), a calendar board (the border for it is on backorder), and a planner/math board.  I have A LOT of bulletin boards!  I haven't decided yet what I'll do on my reading board...leave me some ideas!

The tables are for my two desktop computers.

LEFT:  The area behind my desk.  I love all the storage space!  On the left portion of the shelves I have labels "Monday," "Tuesday," "Wednesday," "Thursday," "Friday."  This is the place where I lay out ALL the materials I will need for each lesson for the whole week.  I seriously love organization!

RIGHT:  The front of my desk...husker border ...yay!  AND I'm FINALLY "Mrs. Fisher!"    YAY!

LEFT:  Back view of my desk!

These filing cabinets (right) are my pride and joy!  They started out as an awfully ugly green you can see on the left!  My darling husband helped me and taught me how to paint them!  The black is chalkboard paint.  The fronts are chevron pattern: white and burgundy.  They turned out so well!  I LOVE them!

A few more pictures....sorry I'm just SO excited!


            That's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed your tour around my room.  I think I'm done for now....but you know us crazy teachers.  We're always thinking of something new to do!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting Married? Already Married? ...Advice from Women to Women

After quite a long time, I'm back!  And I'm VERY excited about this new post I have to share with you.  It required some research and help from family and friends.

So, I have (what seems like) a thousand friends and family members who will be engaged soon, are already engaged or who just got married.  And I am one of those people!  This being said, I felt led to write a post specifically to those women who are looking forward to a new marriage relationship.

This post has marriage advice from women young and younger!  ; )  ...advice from women married 2 months to 27 years!  Now, I will be the first to admit that I am NOT the best wife that ever lived.  That is why I sought out the advice of other, much more wise women than I.  If I were to be completely honest with all of you, I'd tell you that I sometimes actually feel like I'm a terrible wife who's mortified of failing the only man crazy enough to actually marry her.  But no matter how much marriage advice you receive, you will feel this same way too, at times.   Well, here's your advice anyway...

"Pray for each other every day." 
 ~Debbie, married 25 years

"Don't ever use the words 'never' and 'always' in an argument or in anger.  It questions your spouse's character instead of their actions." 
 ~Mariah, married 1 year

"Communicate - communicate - communicate.  He can't read your mind any better than you can read his."  
~Vicki, married 24 years.

"Our relationship is a picture of Christ and the church.  Never stop pursuing the one you love.  It is a daily challenge.  Go the extra mile to show your spouse that you love them.  Set time aside just to spend with your spouse.  Read the Bible and pray together every day."
~Tess, married 1 year

"We were never made to change our spouses, but just to love them."
~Jodi, married 21 years

"Always remember the true heart of your spouse, especially in arguments.  They do not usually have mean intent; we just hear through pink hearing aids."
~Bekah, married 6 months

"Show the same grace God has shown you, to your husband.  It is something I am working on and will probably continue working on the rest of my life."
~Amanda, married 1 year

"Don't be quick to speak.  Listen to them."
~Tina, married 15 years

"There is never enough marriage counseling or preparing you can do before you get married.  If you are one of the super organized people and want to have it all figured out before you say, "I Do," you're in for a rude awakening.  The joy of marriage is learning something new about your spouse every day and going through life's challenges together.  If you had it all "figured out" before, marriage would be boring.  Enjoy the adventure!"
~Sarah, married 2 years

And even though I've only been married for 2 months, I'd like to share some advice with you.  Like I said earlier, I am FAR from perfect when it comes to being a good wife, but I have learned so much.  And my advice comes from real experiences.
On a plane, flight attendants will tell you that if something happens, you need to put on your own air mask FIRST.  Then you can help others put on their air masks.  They say this because if you don't put your air mask on first, you run the risk of passing out before you even have the chance to help others.  That's my advice to you.  Make sure you put your own air mask on first, so you AND your spouse aren't harmed in the end.  Your Bible and prayer time with God are your air mask.  You need to spend time DAILY reading God's word and praying for your spouse, your marriage and yourself.  Doing so will help you be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry.  This, in turn, will help during struggles with your spouse.  You will be more centered on how God would have you act than on your own selfish desires.  And crazily enough, praying for your spouse will actually make you love, appreciate and respect him more!
I hope you enjoyed reading.  Please feel free to comment and add your own advice!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Colorado: Days 1 & 2

I have had many people ask recently about our trip to Colorado (a.k.a. our honeymoon).  So I thought I'd share some of the things we did and pictures we took!

Day 1:  We drove out to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Thankfully, Ben was able to drive the whole way....while I slept!  I had never been so exhausted in my life as I was after the wedding!  So, my amazing, new husband let me sleep for most of the trip!

But I did finally decide to wake up when we approached the gorgeous mountains!  

After we made it to Colorado Springs we ate at Cracker Barrel!  It was the best and most affordable meal we had!  I highly recommend it!  Ben and I were able to split a meal and still feel full for less than $10.

Day 2:  Ben and I went out and hiked around Garden of the Gods.  A friend pointed out to me that a better name for it would be Garden of My God.  I would have to agree.  It is a very beautiful creation!  After hiking in the heat, we headed farther south.  We ended up in Old Colorado City!  It was this very fun downtown area with lots of shops.  We saw a creamery and decided to stop for ICE CREAM!!!  It seemed like just the treat after being in the heat!  As you can see from the picture below, the creamery is this adorable little shop...but its prices are not so adorable.  We ended up paying $12 for not so great of ice cream.  Beware of places that make you pay by weight...

This is a picture taken from a trail behind the Garden
of the Gods park area.  All of the trails right around these rocks are paved...we wanted a little more adventure.  So, we were able to find a more interesting path to follow!   

Eating $12 ice cream!
 not worth the $12.  Ben is still in shock at the cost!

Beware of this little place.  It looks really cute, but its prices are a little crazy!

Well this is all I'm going to share for now.  More days and pictures to come!  Stay tuned for the aquarium and scaling a mountain!

Monday, June 23, 2014

More Than Witnesses... Martyrs

I have two great things to share with you today!  1) All the amazing things God has shown me while studying Acts and 2) a great breakfast recipe.  So stick with me even though this might get a little long.

After returning from our honeymoon to Colorado, God laid it on my heart to reread and study the book of Acts.  So I have been reading through the book and studying chapter one.  A great friend of mine lent me a Bible study book on Acts (by Kevin J. Conner) which includes early church history and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  It is such an in-depth and detailed study that I have only been able to make it through the introduction and chapter one!  I hope you will gain as much from it as I have.

We start with an introduction to Acts.  First of all, know that the title of this particular book of the Bible is not simply "Acts."  It is actually titled, "The Acts of the Apostles;" however, it could also be appropriately titled, "The Acs of the Holy Spirit in the Church."  The entire beginning of the book centers around the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was and is a promise from the Father for those who accept Christ as Savior.  It seals us to the Father for eternity.  The book of Acts explains quite well how the apostles received the Holy Spirit as a gift from God.  Jesus said in Acts 1:4 "...Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.  For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit."  You see, the Holy Spirit is a GIFT from GOD!  That alone is an amazing thing.  But what does this Holy Spirit do for us?  What makes it so special?  We see later on (verse 8) that we "will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us; and we will be Christ's witnesses..."

When we receive the Holy Spirit, we are given power to be Christ's witnesses.  There are two Greek words meaning "power."  The Greek form of "power" being used in verse 8 is "Dunamis" which means "power, strength, or ability."  Let's insert these new words into verse 8:  "But you will receive strength and ability when the Holy Spirit comes on you..."  We see this same Greek word (Dunamis) being used in Luke 4:14.  Don't just take my word for it; go look it up.  Jesus receives ability from the Holy Spirit.

So the same Holy Spirit that empowers and strengthens Jesus in Luke 4:14 is strengthening us according to Acts 1:8.  That is awesome!  But what are receiving power for?  "...and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  We are being given the power, ability and strength to be witnesses for Christ wherever we go!  That seems so awesome, but it gets a little scary.  Here's why: The Greek word for "witnesses" is "martus" ...meaning "martyr."  So, it's by no mistake that God has given us the Holy Spirit for strength, ability and power.  He knew we would need it to be His witnesses and martyrs.  He knew we would need it when we face persecution, opposition and accusations for the sake of Christ.  He knew...

My final point about the book of Acts is that this book of the Bible has not yet been completed by its divine author.  Acts also tells of the accounts of Peter and Paul and their work to establish God's church.  When I say God's church I do not mean a silly building.  The Church of God is all of His people...all who have accepted Christ as their Savior.  But God is not done building His church.  We were put here as part of that very share His truth and bring people into His church.  We are God's witnesses after all.  So, the book of Acts is still being written.  Yes, there will be an end to this book.  But will you help build God's church before that end comes?  Will you be a witness and martyr for the cause of Christ?  Our story, our legacy of sharing Christ with this world is still unwritten...

Finally, here is my pinned it, made it Monday.  It is Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.  It is very easy and fun.  Making breakfast dishes like this really helps make early mornings run much more smoothly.  Check out this link for the exact recipe:

One thing I would change:  I would add a caramel sauce drizzled over the top to enhance the taste just a bit.

Make sure to leave your comments!  Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Well hello there!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my new blog.  I decided to do some switching around with email addresses and such since my name is changing.  So that means I was able to create a new blog!  In case you didn't know, I got married!!!  I am loving my husband more each and every day, and I am amazed by the lessons God has already taught me in just over two weeks of marriage.  But I feel extremely blessed!

On the note of this blog, I have HIGH hopes for posting this summer!  I would love to do numerous different types of posts, so please don't get too lost in the randomness of topics on my blog!  It will literally be a blog about everyday life.  More than anything, I will probably share the things God is teaching me through my marriage and my husband.  But I would also like to share meals I make (hopefully I don't ruin too many of them), projects I create, and fun ideas for classroom teachers.  I might also throw in fun trips or just simple updates.

I hope you'll join me as I begin my new life as a Fisher!