Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY for My Classroom

Well, apparently I am becoming more and more of a Do-It-Yourself person.  I completing projects knowing I did them myself...and usually for a lot cheaper than I could have bought the items.  My filing cabinets on the previous post were a HUGE accomplishment. This time around, I have made chevron valances and my own teacher resource binders!

Here are my resource binders.  These will be so handy for organizing important documents this year!  Making these binders cost $0.00!  I already had the binders and the easy reference tabs.

I also included easy-reference tabs on each of these.

My final (I hope) DIY project is my chevron valances.  I LOVE these!  They go so well in my classroom.  I bought the fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby.  It took 3.25 yards and I was able to make 4 valances (I only need three for my classroom).  Then I purchased fabric glue and curtain rods.  The total amount for this project was right around $25.00!  I'm going to call that pretty good for 4 valances.  I looked online and to buy chevron valances costs about $20 a piece!  That would total $80 for what I only paid $25 for!  Yay for saving money!

To make these, I cut the fabric the size I want it.  Then I started on the narrow ends, using the pattern, and pinned down what I called a hem.  I ironed over the pins to get a nice crisp fold.  Then i sparingly used my handy fabric glue and glued the hem down.  I did this to three sides on each valance.  The final hem had to be wide enough for the curtain rods to fit through.  Once again, I used the fabric pattern as my measurement.  This ensure a straight edge (just in case I cut crooked).  Here are pictures of the final product all hung up!

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